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Caring for your site daily, month after month, is tedious, but necessary for a successful website (learn more about site management ) . That is why KLynn offer a monthly service to ensure that you cover all the basics of managing your site. It is a simple and monthly service that includes the following elements :

  • Review the content of your website.
  • Consideration of rankings of your search engine and those of your competitors .
  • Review of analytics ( historic registry analysis ) of your website (If you do not have one? We will implement FREE. )
  • Review of the technological platform of your website (server and updates to source code) performance.
  • Regular maintenance of the website, including backups.

Management services from KLynn Website Design are inexpensive and are available either for existing sites developed by a third party, or for sites developed by KLynn , and can be made ​​on a monthly or quarterly basis. Contact KLynn for more information.