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Offering hosting services is easy. Anybody can do it. That's because in reality everybody just 'resells' the hosting services of a few large national or international service providers. We do the same. By doing this we avoid having to have dozens of serving computers carefully maintained in a temperature-controlled and highly secure facility and having our own hyper-fast Internet pipe to serve website pages into the web. It's cheaper for us, and it's cheaper for you to let someone else do it.

Offering and managing hosting services is not so easy. And not just anybody can do it. Ensuring that your web resouces are hosted properly, kept up-to-date, secured properly, backed up regularly, and well-integrated with the rest of your web services is a bit more complicated. It requires constant attention. That's what we do. That's our added value - doing the dirty work and integration -  in offering hosting services that anybody can offer.

KLynn hosting services are resold from some of the largest providers in the world. We provide the system management, the liaison with the platform administrators, and the integration with everything else you're doing on the web. We offer the service at about the same price you can get anywhere - but we tie it all together, which is not something you can get anywhere. If you want to know more about our hosting services and what we do to add value, contact us. We'll explain everything.