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But it does take programming - and good programming, at that.

Websites are not made up of a single technology, but a collection of technologies. Generally, we build websites upon open-source, Linux-based, MySQL, Content Management System platforms. Our preferred platform is DRUPAL because it offers power, performance, and flexibility. From our customer's point of view, it also offers a degree of independence - DRUPAL developers are readily available throughout the country and world. 

Each site we create begins with a  website design, a map of its functionality, and definitions of key content types. We then utilize a custom CSS design, a mix of code modules - customized as needed -- and combined it with the appropriate database and PHP technologies to provide a complete client solution.

We adhere to standards where they exist because good standards mean a more usable and maintainable website.

We do custom development in Javascript, PHP, AJAX, and the HTML's although we often use pre-built tools and utilities to complement what we do on websites, email broadcasts, landing pages and mobile apps.

We use outside partners and contractors for certain specialized applications -- at this time, mobile apps for iPhone's and Android, ASP.NET applications, and certain other uses. Whatever tools or partners we use, we maintain complete ownership of the project, its timetable and its budget.

Most of our clients, frankly, could care less about the underlying technologies. But they trust us to make the right technological choices.  For those that do care, we are more than prepared to go head-to-head with any developer anywhere and deliver a quality project on-budget and on-time.

If you want to know more about our development services, contact us