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The look and feel of you website is more complicated than you might think. It’s much more than a clever or attractive graphic design. And that difference is important.

The basic visual design of your website governs the entire relationship between your website visitor and you.  Its purpose is to catch their attention, tease them, show them what you offer, lead them to what they want, and then call them to act on your choice. That’s important and it’s important to do right.

Chances are your local neighborhood graphics person can make a pretty design – maybe even a great design. But a website requires more than a great design. Much more.

At KLynn, we understand exactly how the website design must function to meet your objectives. We understand exactly how the front page, the inside pages, the landing pages, the site navigation, shopping cart and calls-to-action must come together inside a graphic design to do what you need your website to do.

We lead you through a painstaking process to couple a great design with necessary function. We iterate back and forth until we arrive at a design that functions well and in a motif that speaks to your visitors about your offerings.

Take a quick browse through our sample website portfolio to see the way we meld visual expression, website function and selling dynamics together to make a compelling story to your Internet visitor.