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Yes, yes, it's all the rage... and, to hear people talk, it's all very important.

But is it really? We have mixed feelings. See our blog comments on social media.

Facebook. Twitter.

social medias

Frankly, we're not all that excited about the benefits of these social media platforms. We agree there are some markets and some types of businesses or enterprises where it make excellent sense to use these tools. But for others, it offers nothing durable to their businesses. For some consumer products and for younger audiences, it makes some sense. For business-to-business communications, not so much. 

We tell you this up-front for several reasons. First, if you approach us about social media, we will subject you to a barrage of questions with a mind to truly understand whether it's relevant to your business, whether you are truly prepared to engage in social media on a day-in and day-out basis, whether you really want to put a third-party (i.e. facebook, etc.) between your market and yourselves, and whether it will actually do your business any good (it can actually cause significant harm if you are not prepared to support it properly). Second, we will want you to understand that a truly viable social media campaign requires significant effort and can be quite expensive - often much more than other forms of Internet marketing. The ROI for social marketing campaigns is notoriously low.


However, we do believe in videos. Not least because they're versatile - they can be deployed in many ways. On your website, they engage and enrich the visitor's experience of your site and they can be used effectively in both pre-sale and post-sale situations. But they can be equally effective when used in a landing page, as a link on YouTube(tm), in a Powerpoint(tm) sales presentation, played in-store, or used as a leave-behind for face-to-face sales calls. 

Maybe you need social media marketing. More likely you don't.

We'll find out. But make no bones about it, social media marketing is not for everybody. And we're not in the habit of letting our customers spend a lot of money to get a poor result.