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For many of our clients, their only goal on the Internet is to reach deeper into their market to capture new clients and make sales. But online shopping - ecommerce - requires a special kind of site design and management. Some of the unique requirements involved in ecommerce include the following: 

  • Shopping-focused design. The design and layout of a commerce site has different requirements than other sites. They must sell, promote, be very flexible, and support all types of variations of products and services.
  • User experiece. The user interface design of a commerce site must encourage browsing, purchases, and post-purchase engagement.
  • Payment gateway. A merchant account and a payment clearing gateway is required. Meeting the security standards of the gateway can be difficult.
  • Increased site & database security. It is vital that you offer your visitors a secure access and complete data security when accepting and processing orders online.
  • Back-end order/sales management. Taking a sale online is just the beginning. Shipping it, and accounting for it, are also important.
  • Post-sale engagement. Any good ecommerce strategy will address the entire lifetime value of the new customer including what happens after the sale and how easy it will be to make subsequent offers to them.

All this is to say that ecommerce is not something that one just throws together. At KLynn, we will help you plan an entire ecommerce transition from product merchandising through website layout and user interaction, and all the way into the payment gateway and post-sale logistics.  If you want to understand more how KLynn can help you get into commerce on the web, contact us.