Landing Pages & Mini Sites

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Not everything you find on the worldwide web is a "website". Sometimes it's a "landing page" or a "mini-site". The difference is that while a traditional website has a broad promotional and servicing objective, a landing page or mini-site is focused on a specific product or service, or a specific offer. 

The benefit of landing pages and mini-sites is two-fold: They provide focus on a specific objective, and they put content-rich and keyword-rich web properties on the Internet that complement your regular web presence. Another benefit is that they're inexpensive and quick to implement.

Mini-sites are rarely very large. They can consist of a single page or can be a few topic-focused pages. Often they will be the destination of a particular advertisement or email campaign and they will always provide access to your main website also.

KLynn can design a landing page or mini-site program for your business that includes selection of domain names, keyword research, creation of pages and content, and links to your main site. They're a great way to put a fresh face and new focus on a specific marketing objective for your business.