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The hard part of creating a website is not the website design. It’s the website content that is framed by the design.  

Content is the subject matter of your website. It includes the text, the images and the navigation that connects them all together within the framework of the website design. And content for the Internet is not like creating content for a paper brochure. There are several key differences. A few of those differences are described below:

  • Internet audiences behave differently than conventional print audiences. They have less patience, are more goal-focused, and react faster. Internet content must engage the visitor immediately.
  • Internet content is a key factor in SEO (search engine optimization) and must be prepared and styled with target keywords and keyword combinations in mind Even images must be prepped properly for SEO purposes.
  • Website call-to-action strategies and dynamics become part of web content and must be created accordingly
  • For email marketing campaigns, the content of the email has a lot to do with the deliverability of email and email newsletters.

KLynn regularly creates content for Internet ads, email campaigns, landing pages, email newsletters, keyworded articles, web pages, ALT text, rollover copy, link titles and calls-to-action. In short, if you need real Internet writing, we're the people to do it for you.