What Makes Managing A Website Difficult?

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These days, there are thousands of sources for Internet services and for web design.
 Even in smaller communities like Port Hope, Cobourg, or Baltimore, there are plenty of freelancers or designers who purport to provide websites and Internet services.  So if that's true, why doesn't every business - large or small - have a website and take full advantage of the Internet?

The answer is simple: Because web design is not all that is needed for a successful website.

Let's take a look, first, at what constitutes a "successful" website for business. There are several criteria including:

  • The site has to be findable.
  • The site has to get traffic.
  • The site has to convert visitors into callers or into orders.
  • The site needs to produce more business than it costs to maintain.

These are a few of the requirements. Now let's look at what it takes to meet these success criteria. Here's a list:

      1. The site must be designed to be easy to use and for information on it to be easy to find,.
      2. The site must be coded in way that it's reasonably fast, maintenance-free, and reliable.
      3. The site must contain content that is appropriate for your business and that sells.
      4. The site must be registered with and optimized for search engines so that it can be easily found.
      5. The site must have a domain name (e.g. www.yourcompany.com)
      6. The site must be "hosted" (where it lives).
      7. The site must have email addresses associated with it.
      8. The site must be "backed up" to protect you during a server failure.
      9. The site must be monitored regularly for issues, errors, competitive search placement and other criteria.

The list is longer if you want to actually accept orders over the Internet, or want to integrate data you capture on the Internet with other back-office applications.

Anyway you look at it, these things take time and attention. Generally, it takes more time and attention than most small business owners have. That means two things: First, that the site should be able to make enough of a positive impact in your business to be worth spending the time and attention, and second, if it is, it's worth a small monthly fee to have someone supervise the site for you to ensure that it continues to have a positive impact on your business. 

Failing to do this means, that you'll end up with a site that does nothing for your business at all.