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We believe that a custom website is a great opportunity to show who you and your company are. Look over a few of the sample sites that we've created for various clients in the GTA, Cobourg, Port Hope, Hastings, and other towns. Each one has a character all its own. These are not boilerplate sites stamped out of the same old website template. 

Click on the images to expand and magnify them for easier viewing. 


COIRI Compensation Surveys

Cobourg, Ontario

When it comes to collecting industry salary data, COIRI has been doing it for years -- all focused on Ontario. KLynn:web gave COIRI a brand new look in a responsive website along with an online marketing campaign to facilitate their business. 


Dickson Industrial

Cobourg, Ontario

DI3 is a manufacturer representative for bulk material handling products in Ontario. The objective was to cover the diverse industries and various needs - all of which needed to visible and easily accessible to the website visitors.


Dickson Industrial


Grafton Christmas Trees

Grafton, Ontario

It's a seasonal business but it's a vital link to urbanites looking to capture the "choose & cut" Christmas tree experience in rural Grafton. The approach was to make it as "Christmassy" as possible and to ensure that web visitors would become tree farm visitors.The site is expandable and can be edited directly by the owner.



Anthony Teodoro

Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto real estate market is hot and competitive.  For that reason we worked with Mr. Teodoro to focus his efforts on a few select neighbourhoods - 6 to be exact.  The site provides a direct link to the Toronto Real Estate Board MLS listings as well as features Mr. Teodoro's specific listings.

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Kerchiller Neck Wraps

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Kerchiller neck wraps are clever clothing accessories that absorb water and can be worn around the neck. Pets can enjoy them too! The site goal is simply to sell... make it cool and get orders. The site does just that. It presents the products, takes orders, ties win with social media feeds and keep wholesale buyers up-to-date on the lastest Kerchiller trade show schedules.

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CFUW Northumberland

Hamilton County, Ontario

The site is a celebration of women and girls providing direction and resources to promote equality, social justice, fellowship and life-long learning. In this case, KLYNN updated a defunct site into a modern, easily managed site for the organization.

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Kleen Condition

Mississauga, Ontario

If you've got a mold problem in your basement or attic, Kleen Condition will remediate it. KLYNN created the site, updated and reorganized the content and supplemented it with a Google Adwords campaign that brings in several thousand dollars a week of new orders through the website.Email and SEO campaigns are next.

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FDA Construction

Montreal, Quebec

General contracting is a dirty business, but our task was to make a clean and crisp website for the owner.  The site shows off their special abilities, highlights some of their more daring projects, and solicits contacts. It's available in both French and English.

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Gallery Metalworks & Easy Queue

Mississauga, Ontario

This manufacturer and finisher of specialized custom railings and metalware asked us to combine two businesses - Gallery Metalworks and Easy Queue (Stanchions and belted posts) into a single, highly informational site. In addition, they asked us manage the SEO for the new site and create a series of email campaigns for them.

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Norgas Controls

Pointe Claire, Quebec

Norgas Controls is a distributor of natural gas valves, regulators and meters. They needed a site that would provide all the necessary information to their retailers and subcontractors  but to do so in a way that wouldn't tip off their competitors at the same time. KLYNN created a versatile, sales-focused, bilingual site featuring live chat, registered members and a huge knowledge-base of product information.

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Fitness Coffee Canada

Montreal, Quebec

Is there such a thing as healthy coffee?  Fitness Coffee blends do just that. The Italian company was in a hurry to build a bilingual site in Canada and begin taking orders online. The website features products, videos, social media attachments and online ordering. It was assembled in the space of about 3 weeks.

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Kitchener, Ontario

A growing organization managing the certification of substance-abuse counsellors, CACCF needed a new site that would address the needs of several thousand members coast-to-coast. The idea is that the site would provide local referrals, provide certification criteria, event information, and much more. The site has been implemented in a way that makes it easy to update, directly interfaces with their membership data, and provides a foundation for future content expansion.



KLynn Business Consulting

Cobourg, Toronto, Montreal

Yes, it's a related enterpise to our website business. The goal of the site is pure information and testimonial. The client is incredibly happy with the result. :-)

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3V Communications

Toronto, Ontario

A communications skills coaching firm, 3V needed to ensure that their website echoed their communications principles - verbal, vocal, and visual. In addition, the site had to speak to both individuals and corporate prospective clients.It required a radical remake.

KLynn worked with owner Ric Phillips to makeover their existing site by combining imagery, videos, and copywriting to advance their communications skills workshops. 

KLynn provided the overall website design, logo re-think, web development, and hosting.

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Herman Bek-gran, Artist

Venice Florida

Providing a website for the discerning estate of a well-known artist is not for the faint of heart. Visual details matter as much to the community of artist as they do to the website visitor. The challenge was to trade off picture resolution against website visitor patience. 

In this case, KLynn used a minimalist website design and content almost totally focused on galleries of the artist's works.

The design, hosting, and website management are provided by KLynn.

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Impressive Contracting

Markham, Ontario

Getting the attention of large commercial property managers when you're a small, specialized contractor presents some unique problems. 

This site required a professionally-presented and visually reassuring sales pitch to overcome the small size of the contractor. Impressive, indeed. 

KLynn provided the website design and the site implementation.



Municipality of Lynchburg, Virginia

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

The site is huge. By the time the content entry is fully transitioned by the city of Lynchburg, it will have more than 10,000 pages. 

In this case, KLynn was a subcontractor to Blair Marketing of Virginia. Blair provided the basic design and client interactions and guidance while KLynn provided the technical development, testing and customization.

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Michael Holley Home Inspections 

Toronto, Ontario

Being a home inspector in the Greater Toronto Area is a ridiculously competitive occupation. There are literally hundreds of inspections or inspection services. The goal in creating this site was to distinguish Holley from the myriad of competitive firms and services and to underline the credentials of Holley as a provider. 

The website design was created to do just that. It highlights Holley's professional credentials and offers useful and relevant information to home sellers and home buyers. To improve search engine rankings, new content is added regularly. 

To provide immediate website traffic, the site is also the destination of a Google Adwords campaign.

KLynn provided the website design, copywriting, content updates, and Adwords campaign management.

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HHH GLobal Learning

Toronto, Ontario

A new company, HHH Global Learning helps major corporations develop ways to improve their employee performance through learning and instructional strategies. 

KLynn's role was to create the overall Internet strategy for the company, guide their initial marketing, create their logo and website materials and to coach the management in website maintenance.

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Mick Coulas - Photo Illustrator

Venice, Florida

Mick has a view of the world that sometimes borders on the clinical but is always unique, penetrating, and at times just a little bit scary.  

This gallery of Mick's photo illustrations had to be picture-perfect insofar as its principal viewers are creative directors for major advertising agencies and brands like Pepsico, Jello, Penthouse Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. 

KLynn provides the site integration, website management, and website hosting.

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JT Promotions

Hasting, Ontario

It's a question of showing, not telling. JT Promotions provides personalized apparel and goodies for businesses, charitable organizations, and sports teams. 

The primary objectives for the site were to reach far beyond the local area and to ensure that visitors understood the full scope of the offerings available from JT. 

KLynn provided the website design, copywriting, web implementation, logo development and overall Internet strategy for the company.

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London, Ontario

This manufacturer of specialized hearing instrument test equipment needed new ways to communicate to its network of distrbutors and existing clients. 

KLynn developed a website motif and strategy that would ensure a professional look-and-feel, an updated image for the company, and provide functional support for ordering of supplies, updating installed equipment, and provide a secure method of making distributor-only materials available.

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Vision Business Prosperity

Baltimore, Ontario

The challenge here was to develop a website that could communicate the company's "vision" of community-based economic development. 

KLynn provides the overall site design, copywriting and Internet strategy for the firm.



Trick or Treat UNICEF

New York, New York, USA

We believe in helping out. UNICEF has been collecting funds for children since the founders of KLynn were children.

When the opportunity presented itself to help out, we couldn't resist. 

KLynn provided the technical development, and web development underpinning for the new UNICEF Trick or Treat website. 




Northumberland Family Law Services

Gores Landing, Ontario

Talking about divorce and separation is a delicate communications task and representing it in a website requires a fine balance - both visually and in the copywriting.  Moreover, certain disclaimers must be included.

The front page successfully describes the breadth of services offered and presents them in a way that is sensitive to the context.

KLynn developed and implemented the concept, enhanced the copywriting, styled it, hosted it and provided the launch-time SEO.

Within weeks, the site began to appear on the first page of searches with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Business Advisory Centre Northumberland 

Cobourg Ontario

KLynn was asked to create a new site for the county-sponsored Business Advisory Centre. The challenge was to incorporate the diverse nature of the Centre's services, adequately reflect the caring concept of businesses helping businesses, and provide it in a framework that could be easily maintained by the client going forward.

The front page of the site successfully captures the community nature of the Centre's activity, highlights the principal services, and provides a scrolling news feed.

KLynn designed the site, and managed the transition between the old site and new, and provided the initial training of the Centre's staff to be able to add, edit, and maintain content.

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Revel Ink - Photo-Illustrators 

Venice, Florida USA

They're an odd group of artists and satirists that have pooled their talent to offer award-winning photo-illustrations covering major brands (Jello, Pepsi, etc.) and major editorial opportunities for the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and Penthouse.  

Obviously the task of the website was to show examples of their work, but it was important to "position" the works fully as well. To make matters more complicated, they wanted it fast and fully integrated with other web-based galleries they offered. 

KLynn developed the site in a few days of panic - including the copywriting - and positioned the site around the opposite of being "ordinary" and integrated it with the group's other gallery pages. KLynn also hosts it and provides web services for Revel-Ink clients.

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La Brouette Verte

Montreal, Quebec

A unique high-quality Montreal-based natural food service requires a unique design to carry its message.  

KLynn designed the motif and implemented a unique combination of imagery, copywriting, and behaviour to accent the company's services to farmers, communities, and restaurants. 

The site is currently being finished for launch early in 2013.


Structural Panels Inc.

Baltimore, Ontario

It's the mouse that roared. Structural Panels seems like a sleepy local business tucked away in Baltimore, Ontario, but it's rapidly becoming one of Canada's fastest growing manufacturers of insulated structural construction panels. 

The company had long outgrown its website and needed a modern replacement that would be able to grow as fast as the company itself. 

KLynn designed a new website that would help sell the company's products and services and also help serve the  contractors and architects that use or specify its products. A key aspect of the new design was also to ensure that the company could rapidly add new products or services to the website themselves themselves. 

KLynn also provides all the hosting and day-to-day "sysadmin" functions for the company.

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Plank Road Rental Cottages

Rice Lake, Ontario

Renting cottages, and marina space, and enticing people to visit your lake is a marketing challenge worthy of any business.

This rental cottage manager asked us to rethink their original website and come up with a new approach. We did.

KLynn salvaged the best of the old site (there were some wonderful pictures among other things) and embedded them into a brand new theme designed to complement their logo and show off their cottages, their rooms, their services and the surrounding area. 

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Lightning Fresh Ontario - Baltimore, ON

There is no end to the diversity of Canadian businesses. This company specialized in using ozone generating to do two things: clean dirty, smelly sports equipment and deodorize homes.

If ever there were two less related items, Lightning Fresh offered them together. Nonetheless we took it on.  

KLynn united the themes under an acti-bacterial, anti-mould banner - "Kill them where they live!". The site uses strong colours with strong images to highlight the power of their ozone-based technique.


Alpha House - Toronto, ON

We created and manage this site for FREE - like we offer any community-based not-for-profit organization. Alpha House is a community-based "sober house" that specializes is providing a safe and positive living environment for men recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Like many sites we do, this was a replacement site. The original was complicated, cumbersome, and each month required several hours of hands-on updating to keep it running. Our replacement focused on the "people" attribute of what Alpha House does. While simple in its nature, the site is low maintenance and easily maintained. It's been running without problems for several years now.

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Stanox Technologies - Montreal, QC

Stanox is a startup company that is bringing to market a patented technology for intelligently managing the speed of large trucks. Its technology promises to boost road safety and save fuel for fleets of Class 8 trucks.

Because we try to support new businesses, KLynn developed an initial site on a discounted basis.  Our goal was to give them as a much of a head start into being successful on the Internet as we could. We designed a powerful visual motif to fully exhibit their new product and its benefits.

There business is seeking funding to put their newest product into production. We hope the website helps them do it.


L.B. Welding & Trailers - Brighton, ON

They started out as a welding outfit but it wasn't long before they developed an avid following for their custom-made utility trailers. Now the trailer business has a life of its own.

Their new website is one way they are reaching beyond their Brighton, Ontario, environs to advance their trailers and welding services. KLynn designed a site to advance both businesses but also to provide post-sale information regarding trailer accessories and trailer safety inspections. Already, LB Welding has realized high search-engine rankings in nearby Cobourg, Port Hope, and Belleville.

KLynn provided the design, implementation and jointly produced the content with LB Welding. KLynn is providing the hosting, email and initial SEO. 

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