In Northumberland County, What Makes An Affordable Website Design?

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We hear people talking about "affordable" websites all the time. But what we don't hear is any details about what makes a website affordable or not.

But what is "affordable" when it comes to websites?

Here's our take on the question. If you're about to commit to the creation of website for your busienss, there are two issues to consider:

#1. Are the costs involved reasonable? The fact is that there are many separate tasks involved in making a website that converge to make up the costs. These include skilled technical labor, software tools, copywriting, hosting, domain names, image licences, editing, These things aren't free and the bigger the site, the larger the number pages, the number of images, etc. all cost something. A good rule of thumb seems to be that a website will cost somewhere between $50 to $150 per page depending on the quality of the design, copywriting, and the images used. (See our discussion about website costs.)

#2. What will the website do for your business? The real question, from where we sit, is what will your website do for your business?  Will it earn it's keep? If it cannot, then it doesn't really matter whether it costs $300 or $3000; it's not an affordable website. On the other hand, if the site regularly generates many new sales leads that convert into customers, helps reduce customer service costs, and lowers the businesses advertising costs, it could be that a cost of $7500 is a reasonable expense by which to achieve those benefits.

What does this mean? It means that if you're going to go to the trouble of creating a website for your business - whatever the cost - make sure you do it to obtain real benefits for your business.  Building a website simply to say you have one, won't do it. You need to insist on itemizing the potential benefits, and managing both your website supplier and your business to achieve them. Then, you need to make sure that your cash flow, or your supplier's payment plan for the site, is consistent with the benefits you anticipate getting from the site.