Managing Your Website

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A website isn’t like a paper brochure. You don’t write it, design it, print it, and then (poof!) you’re done!

It’s a living dynamic thing and requires regular care and attention. It needs routine measurement and assessment. It requires management.

At the least, prudent website management requires the following:

  • Regular review of your website content to ensure that it’s up-to-date, all links are intact, and that your products, markets, services, and policies are current.
  • Regular review of your search engine rankings to optimize your website’s position on searches and to check how your competition ranks on searches.
  • Regular review of your website analytics and activity including traffic, sources of traffic referrals, content popularity, keyword success and geographic reach.
  • Regular review of the your website technology platform (server and source code) to ensure that the “code” is up-to-date and functioning.
  • Regular website housekeeping including making maintenance copies of your site and the data associated with it.

Generally, these functions should be performed no less than monthly. When you first implement your website, weekly reviews are preferable.

This sounds more difficult than it is. The issue isn't that on-going website management is complicated, it's that such management is necessary for a successful site.