Getting Website Traffic

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Google Analytics PieIn the movie “Field of Dreams” a mysterious voice says: “If you build it, they will come”. Sure enough, the main character built the ball field in the middle of a cornfield, and they came.

On the Internet, it doesn’t work like that.

On the world wide web there are only 3 ways that visitors will come to your website:

    • Referral. They were referred to your site from some other online resource (e.g. via a business directory, an online advertisement, an email with a link, or some other website) or
    • Direct. They directly entered your domain name (e.g. ‘’) into their Internet browser.
    • Search. They found your site while searching on Google, Yahoo! or Bing (or some similar search engine). 

This means that if you want traffic to come to your website…

    • your website must be created in a way that will make it easy and compelling for Google, Yahoo! and Bing to index its content.
    • you must be well represented in online directories and related resources,
    • your marketing should include online media such as email and pay-per-click ads, and,
    • that your domain name ( better be plastered all over every advertisement, truck panel, sign, stationery, and any other printed materials that you produce.

The point is, website or print, it takes concrete management to bring traffic to your site.