Fees & Payment Plans

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Website Fees & Payment Plans

A quality website is neither a small investment nor a small commitment of time and effort. But we believe that every organization - big or small, commercial or not-for-profit - should be able to have one. It's a matter of being able to take your place on the web.  

So we try to make it as easy as possible. Here's what we do:

Fee & Payment Programs:

  • It starts with good value. We try to keep our fees reasonable and manageable. We're not the cheapest place to get a website, but we are the best value.
  • New Business Discounts. Get a headstart. If your business is less than 4 months old, we'll create an initial website for you at 50% of the regular fee.  Some conditions do apply.
  • Progress payments. We do allow you to pay as we go. You can make progress payments based on the delivery of the design, the programming, the content, and the final live site. Generally, this will spread the cost out over 6-12 weeks. 
  • Financing plans. We offer financing on 6-month and 12-month terms. We providing financing at a 10% APR rate, payable monthly.
  • Credit cards. We accept most major credit cards.
  • FREE Websites to community service organizations. We also provide free sites to not-for-profit community service organizations in Northumberland, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Hastings or Prince Edward counties. We do this because while our Internet work is global, we do our best to act local.

Whatever your investment in a website and however you choose to pay for it, the important thing is that it help grow your business or otherwise meet your organization's goals. Of all your choices in website suppliers, KLynn is uniquely capable of producing websites that do just that. Contact us about your website.