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KLynn SiteThe problem with website design providers is that everybody claims to be one. The 16-year-old next door, every graphic design firm, and every geek of every variety, all claim to be proficient at website design.  

But there are website providers and there are website providers. The real test is not whether they can create something that appears on the web, but whether they can create something that will grow your business.  

We entered this space, because we understand business growth and we understand that a business website is a tool for growth, not an end in itself. Businesses in Cobourg need that.  And frankly, so do businesses in Port Hope, Brighton, Belleville, Peterborough and a few other of the nearby communities. 

It's also a matter of pride. We've been involved in the Internet almost as long as there has been an Internet. So we have strong feelings about how sites should be implemented and managed. But more than our strong feelings, we have a lot of experience. Doing a bad job on a site is not only bad for the client, it's bad for all the web service providers, too. It makes us all look bad. 

You deserve to have a quality website. And you deserve to have it at an affordable price. But mostly, you deserve to have it actually do something for your business.  

If you want to see our criteria for choosing an Internet services company - check out Choosing a Supplier.