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This month, KLynn Web Design of Cobourg, and Cats Media of Toronto and Port Hope, are joining forces to become one of the largest, full service internet marketing providers east of Toronto.
Your relationship with your website designer is more intimate than you might think and it doesn't matter whether it's with a geekish 16-year old or a suit-wearing technocrat. Like any relationship, if it goes bad, it can be painful and scarring for a long time. Thinking now about some of the custody and split-up issues in your relationship with a website developer may well save you some serious pain later.
If you're interested in social media and think you should be using it to somehow boost your business, it's worth considering Fast Company's "36 Rule". A few of my favourites are discussed here along with a link for the full infographic.
The problem with website design providers is that everybody claims to be one. The 16-year-old next door, every graphic design firm, and every geek of every variety, all claim to be proficient at website design. But there are website providers and there are website providers.
KLYNN:web has recently implemented the official Port Hope Santa Clause Parade website for the Municipality of Port Hope. The new website has the purpose of providing the public with information about the parade, and enlisting support of community businesses and organizations to support the parade. Check it out (and go to the parade too!)
The LAVENDER CHAMBER ENSEMBLE is a collective of professional, classically trained musicians from the Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, and Quinte areas. We're lucky enough to be able to support them...
The term "internet marketing" has been bandied about between businesspeople mostly without recognizing its true nature. Most think it means getting a website. Some think that it's search advertising on Google Adwords. In reality, however, it's much more than that. A lot more.